Windows and software installation automation in a company

Automation of IT departments within a company.

Recommended: for heads of companies, IT departments, system administrators

This article will tell you:

How to quickly install Windows on all company computers.
A quick way to update software on all company computers without losing any data.
How to automate all types of routine processes in a company.
How to increase the productivity of system administrators in a company.
Any company faces the problem of timely software updates on all computers as well as problems of quick recovery and configuration of the employee’s work environment. To solve this problem, we offer our product: Almeza MultiSet.

Company before using MultiSet:

This software is manually installed / configured with employees who work with this computer not currently working.
The database is updated, the computer is configured, the software is prepared – all of that is also done manually and requires an administrator to be present on each computer.
Every remote office requires a system administrator to be employed
IT staff must be arranged to work 24 hours a day.
The cost of a business trip carried out by a technical specialist is required.
You get the following benefits after you use MultiSet at your company:

You only need 1 administrator at any point in the network to update any amount of software on any computer. Note that the time needed to update the software on all computers will be approximately the same as the time required for one computer!
It is possible to quickly change configurations on multiple computers or separately across networks. Note that the administrator is physically present on only one computer.
It is possible to reinstall WindowsXP quickly and safely without losing data at this time!
It is possible to make the main disk for a standard automatic installation of a set of software on a number of computers.
It is possible to install Windows automatically along with drivers, service packs, all types of tools and applications.
It is possible to quickly update the database, configuration file on the client computer.
Using MultiSet dramatically increases the effectiveness of using IT administration office hours.
Why specifically MultiSet?

Reliability. MultiSet reliably runs on all types of Windows operating systems.
Speed. Because of its innovative algorithm, MultiSet performs its function quickly, precisely and, most importantly, reliably.
Trust … Among our clients are banks, government organizations, customer support services, large companies, which prove the real utility of Multiset in practice.
Flexible pricing policy. We offer a very flexible pricing policy that allows you to cover a large number of computers at a minimum cost.
Low system requirements. MultiSet has minimum system requirements for its work. MultiSet supports the following operating systems: Windows Vista / XP / 2003/2000 (32-bit) and Windows Vista / XP / 2003 (64-bit).

Small organizations often do not have enough funds to hire an administrator and it often happens that ordinary employees have to update and configure the software.

MultiSet will allow you to reduce the expense of calling administrators for each client computer, saving a lot of time for everyone and therefore providing more time for employees to spend on their immediate tasks.

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