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Winning ways at interviews

Winning ways at interviews

Marketing Communication Copywriter Charlie Trumpess takes a humorous look at how to handle the older terror, the job interview.

Let’s talk this, job interview is about as much fun as a hot wash without anesthesia. After all, try to show your talents to a lot of strangers, usually against the clock and on someone’s grass is not a natural act. Nevertheless, if you really want the job, you need to crack the maintenance consultant. To give good maintenance is about the three Ps preparation, presentation and positive thinking. All interviews are basically made of the same health issues, so let’s start with the introductions.

The interview introduction can be a smooth customer and one that can easily get rid of you. Once you enter the room of abominations commonly known as the maintenance room, you’re on your own, never sure if you say or do the right thing. The more difficult you try to relax, the more nervous you feel. To just add a coherent sentence, looks like one of Hercules’s work. Of course, the room is unbearably hot and your mouth is unusually dry so your tongue swells, cutting off the oxygen to your brain. Panic grabs you. Finally, just as you want to turn on your heels and make an undisputed line for the nearest fire brigade, the friendly interviewer will extend a friendly hand and welcome you. What are you doing now?

Do not fear. Introductions need not be embarrassing, disturbing or tearing episodes. Introductions can be easy and fun. You simply have to approach things calmly and logically. Stop thinking about it. You meet someone for the first time; It’s a clean sheet, an opportunity for you to write your own ticket without prejudice or prejudice. All you have to do is arrive in time, dress up smartly, make your teeth for the rest of your last meal, be yourself and make sure you wear industrial strength deodorant. What can be simpler? To build confidence, you can always practice to introduce yourself to the bathroom mirror before you actually attend any interviews. You can try it in the comfort of your own home, rather than in the laundry room of your local pizzeria, where you can present yourself to fellow customers.

After successfully completing the maintenance instructions, your next challenge is to deal with an offer of refreshments. Something seemingly good like a cup of tea or coffee can cause devastation during an interview. Juggling hot liquids into thin plastic balls while convincing a stranger of your marketing expertise or business must always be avoided. Acceptance or expiration of refreshments is something of a conviction because you do not want to feel bad, but remember the risks are high. High slurping or gulping will not affect the interviewer, while the hot chocolate is immersed in front of your cream and oatmeal pack, a few simple candidates can easily recover. So, if you have fear and anxiety, make your mouth dry as Death Valley on the hottest day of the year, just ask for a glass of water. This is probably your safest option.

According to some leading psychologists, who study such things, the first few minutes of any interview are necessary to determine the final outcome. It seems that first impressions really count. In the foreword it is time to tackle the main event. At this stage of the game you will also be confident or desperate for the toilet, a cigarette and a family-sized candy. Whatever happens, keep focused on the task ahead. 105 seconds is the time you will get to make the right impression. The key is not to panic. DONT PANICA! If you are well prepared, nothing can go wrong. You need to know exactly which questions to ask, what to say and when to say that. Try to answer the questions that the interviewer is likely to ask and have your answers ready. But remember, before you stop for a while. It looks more natural. Keep your delivery clear, consistent, positive, short and simple; then you will not go far wrong. And try not to get a tangent.

However, if you are doubtful, you should trust that your highly polished, customized nails pulled out with rusty tweezers are much worse than your average job maintenance. Interviewers arent the monsters they may see. They are just ordinary people who do a hard job. If the interviewer makes a bad decision, both you and your new employer will suffer. The best thing you can probably do is to put your trust in the maintenance experience while checking the seat you offered for chains and thumbscrews. At the end of all this trouble, after you’ve said and doing everything right, you still can not get the job. Sometimes life is twisted. Try to get some positive feedback about your maintenance technique and continue.

Typically, just as you start relaxing and feel like you are building a report with your interviewer, you will suddenly end the whole painful process. And it is now at the end of the interview that you face your biggest challenge. As your confidence levels increase its temptation, be warned and deviated from your original maintenance strategy. Resist this impulse. Technically known as end-of-service euphoria, you must fight the urge to say something funny or clever. In the drunk, thin air of your newly-found self-confidence, chances are that your white and cleverness will be interpreted as glibness or even rudeness. Take it from someone who suffered this fate; fight your urge and shut up without asking a direct question.


Perhaps not the big final you thought or reacted, but a secrecy to conclude your interview with a smile, a smile and a gentle memory of your contact details. Before you leave, especially if you are one of those brave breeders who accept reckless liquid refreshments, make sure everything is messy is no longer angry. Now all you have to do is come from there. In this last delicate stage of the proceedings it is advisable not to run. Dangers are everywhere and bump over the bin, disrupting the coffee table or scratching the telephone line from its wall socket, usually going against you. When it’s possible to leave your potential new employers office building, accessories and accessories just as you found it. Play according to the rules and you will go from there with a new job in the bag. Congratulations. Alternatively, tomorrow one more day and another interview.

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