Xbox360 clashes with PS3

The Xbox360 (pronounced “sixty-three”) is Microsoft’s replacement for its original video game console. The video game was formally launched last year, May 12, 2005 on the MTV channel to be exact. A more detailed launch, including the presentation of the most important information from the Xbox, was made at the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo later that same month.

However, the video game was made almost six months later, on November 22, in North America and Puerto Rico. Other launches include those done in December 2 in Europe and December 10 in Japan. With almost simultaneous launches across the three major regions of the world, the Xbox360 thus became the first of the video game consoles to achieve such an achievement. It is also the first participant in a new generation of gaming consoles that is expected to provide stiff competition for Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii.

There are two different configurations of the Xbox360 in most countries, namely the Premium package, priced at USD 299, and the core system with a market value of USD 399. However, the latter is not available in Japan. Nevertheless, Microsoft is offering an identical package that sells it at Y37,900. The price has, of course, brought several negative criticisms, especially from Japanese customers, because they said they could buy the smaller package of the game at a much lower price in other countries. However, this is mostly regional code for Japan.

During the development phase, the Xbox is more commonly known as the Xenon, Xbox2, XboxNext or the Nextbox. It is now considered a seventh-generation console, initially developed in Microsoft by a small team led by Seamus Blackley, a game developer as well as a high-energy physicist. Rumors of video game development only emerged in the last period of 1999, when Bill Gates, Microsoft’s boss, said in an interview that a gaming / multimedia device is important for multimedia convergence in the new time of digital entertainment. As a result, early in the following year, the core concept of the video game was announced in a press release.

Analysts believe the Xbox 360 is the way to leverage Microsoft in the emerging video game market, especially as the computer market is experiencing stagnant growth following the bust The video game industry provided Microsoft the opportunity to diversify its product line, which was heavily concentrated in the software industry until the 1990s.

Apart from that, the Xbox360 idea also came about because, according to Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby, authors of the book Smartbomb, the remarkable success of Sony’s PlayStation game consoles in 1990 sent an alarming message to Microsoft. The growing success of the video game industry, where Sony is regarded as a pioneer, threatens the computer market, a Microsoft-dominated industry that relied heavily on most of the company’s revenue. Chaplin and Ruby, a video game company through the Xbox, were the next logical step for Microsoft.