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Your Personal Tone Generator

Your Personal Tone Generator

Guide to Getting a Sound and Troubleshooting A

good sound starts from the fingers, by recording the guitar and out. If you do not start there, turn into circles and end with a fuzzy sound without body and reaction. Your fingers are your tone generators. Not the amps or pedals. These are tools to strengthen your expression. That’s what guitar lessons teach you, do not teach you a song without learning, and guide you in technique.

And if you learn a thing or two about the problem solving on the fly, go down the line to find the problem with your rig. The same goes for finding your sound. When you start your sound, you start with your technique, through the downloader to the amplifier. With problems on the stage you need to start with the amplifier and go back to you, which makes sense. Ever since you’ve set up your rig. As you try to correct what works, you can track back.

It saves time and control, except for all situations under control. Then, if and when you need enhanced technology, you have a template to explain what it takes from the person you hire. There is nothing more frustrating than renting someone, it has no idea what you need or want. Imagine working for someone without an idea. A band leader who expects you to read his thoughts? Communication begins with a plan.

Good luck and good, wherever you take your mind, find an idea.

Stay in touch for a more in-depth study of the elusive art of tone. Whose tone is good Sometimes I may call someone’s tone and know for sure what the transaction is !!! Right. It’s all subjective!

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