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Your signs are an intuitive empathetic person


Your signs are an intuitive empathetic person

Windowofworld.com – Some people have the gift of intuitive empathy. What is it, and how are the signs? The following is an explanation according to a psychologist.

Humans do need empathy to live life. Without these feelings, the world might be chaotic because humans would hurt each other.

Speaking of that, have you ever heard of intuitive empathy? This one feeling turns out to be somewhat different from the empathy you may have known so far, you know!

What Is Intuitive Empathy?

Reporting from Healthline, psychiatrist and author of The Empaths Guide to Survival: Life Strategies For Sensitive People, Judith Orloff, MD, explains that empathy is divided into three types. The first type is physical empathy, second emotional empathy, and third, intuitive empathy.

People with the first kind of empathy will usually experience physical symptoms similar to those they notice.

As for emotional empathy, the person is also able to feel the same emotional state as the person he or she often cares for. This seems like “infected”. This second type is actually similar to ordinary empathy, except that the levels are much stronger.

Then, what about intuitive empathy? Ikhsan Bella Persada, M. Psi., Psychologist explained that intuitive empath is something like this:

“A person with intuitive empathy can judge other people who are sad, even if they don’t hear the story. People with this kind of empathy can also feel the emotions that come out of the sad person, ”said Ikhsan.

“So, intuitive empathy is a combination of perceiving and understanding the feelings of others. The difference with ordinary empathy is, in that condition, we can only understand other people’s feelings when they have conveyed it first, ”he added.

Signs of Intuitive Empathy

Without realizing it, those who are born with intuitive empathy are often labeled as overly sensitive, even though their hunches are often correct. Could it be that you are among those who have this unique type of empathy?

To be sure, Psychiatrist Orloff recommends that you ask yourself the following questions.

If all or the majority of the answers are “yes”, it could be that you are an intuitive empathic person, although the exact level cannot be determined.

1. Have I Been Labeled Too Sensitive All My Life?

Often times, people with intuitive empathy are seen as too sensitive. They are often told or advised to be more indifferent.

Because they are often treated this way, people with intuitive empathy end up feeling that something is wrong with themselves.

2. Do I Often Feel Incompatible?

Orloff calls this condition the “square peg round hole syndrome”.

People with intuitive empathy often feel incompatible with other societies.

3. Am I Often Overwhelmed When Faced with People?

Large crowds can create a feeling of overwhelming and draining people with intuitive empathy. Because there is so much energy and emotion competing to feel it.

They didn’t do it on purpose. It just happened and was quite difficult to stop.

4. Does Excessive Voice, Smell, or Talk Overwhelm Me?

People with the intuitive empathic type can experience sensory overload and feel drained of energy when they get a lot of stimulation.

5. Do I Prefer to Leave Than Get Stuck in a Social Situation?

Intuitive empaths always want to have the option of leaving. They don’t like to be stuck in social situations for too long, because it makes them tired quickly.

Too many emotions he feels from other people can render them helpless.

6. Am I Tending To Be Socially Excluded?

When absorbing other people’s energies and emotions, it’s natural to want to spend time alone. For this reason, people with intuitive empathy often isolate themselves and shy away from social situations.

Isolating yourself and planning to leave certain events can be symptoms of mental health problems, such as anxiety disorders and depression. If it’s too much, this person needs professional help.

7. Do I Know Many Things without Them Telling?

Maybe you know right away when someone is lying. People with this type of empathy also have strong feelings and predictions for things that are not yet happening.

8. Are Others Afraid of My Intuition?

These intuitive feelings often have innate knowledge of certain people, places, and events. For some people, this is certainly creepy or confusing.

Psychologist Ikhsan said that people with intuitive empathy have a high sensitivity so that they often get carried away by other people’s emotions that they shouldn’t feel.

“In addition, because basically intuitive empathy is just perception or intuition, there is a possibility that what other people perceive will be different from what they perceive. So, not necessarily all of them are true,” added Ikhsan.

Do you feel any resemblance to the aforementioned description of the traits of intuitive empathy? If so and it’s already affecting your mental health, don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist


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